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Customer Testimonials

“Package arrived from us to Australia, took just 11 days, awesome, and product is BRILLIANT! Would and will recommend to all as opposed to the nasty skin burning/rash forming “just for men” option which really is not an option at all. One extremely happy customer says “many thanks”!” Sam*

“A brilliant product -- the only comment I get is, "have you had a facelift?" LOL! It's indistinguishable from my natural colour” John*

“Never have I ever taken the time to comment on a product...good or bad. But I must tell you...this product of yours is beyond amazing. I waited until later in life to grow a beard...and it has more white than I would I have been using Just for Men beard dye. It has been very bad on my skin, causing large rash spots to form...perhaps from my own itching, I am not sure...but clearly I am allergic. Then I found your product. It has been a life saver..really. I enjoy wearing a beard, but was almost ready to shave it until I found your product. It is GREAT! I just wanted you to know how pleased I am. I cannot thank you enough!!”  Philip*

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“All I can say is that it is the best product I have ever used on my beard--thank you. It does everything you said it would do. ”  Sean*

“GREAT PRODUCT! It goes on easily and quickly. I am a working chef and a drummer in a popular and rock band (playing casinos, weddings and corporate events almost every weekend). Both environments are hot and physically demanding. Without a doubt, exposure to sweat and steam is a daily foe. This product stays on all day (just as promised) and never runs or bleeds into my chef whites or band costumes. The light brown has been working great but I am going to give the auburn a try as I have just dyed my mohawk auburn. Also, I have seen reviews that claim this product just colors the skin? This was a concern when I first considered my original purchase, but, Hmmm...I keep my sideburns, mustache and beard groomed very short (I think it's referred to as designer stubble), and have never experienced that result. Thanks a lot!” NH*

“Your product is excellent. I tried Just for Men and ended up with a horrible it’s in the trash. I’ll be a repeat customer.” William*

“I absolutely love your product! I order both medium brown and dark brown and layer them on my beard. Works amazing! I no longer burn my skin with the 5 minute dye stuff I've used in the past. Thanks again for providing a great product and fast delivery!” Dan*

“Your product is far superior than anything else I've tried. You have my business now and in the future.” Thor*

“Remarkable! I've tried just about every beard dye on the market today and this is the one for me. Just for Men was too harsh on my skin left a rash and itchy. Tried some other henna based products and they looked totally unnatural, red tint and messy. Now TYLB is easy to apply and you can control how much gray you want to get rid of, it actually looks totally natural even if you go a little darker. If you consider how long one purchase will last for a person that keeps a fairly short beard you just can't beat this product. Thanks Pat and Art, I look 10 years younger!” Gary Benson*

“Awesome product that I believe in. There’s no burn like Just for Men and you control how dark you want it. I bought two more so I’m sure not to run out. Great customer service, too.”  Rick Weiner*

“Just wanted to say how much I love your product. I have an allergy to Black Henna dye and have had so much trouble with rashes so, I was so glad to find an alternative! It is so easy to use and works great. Thanks for creating it.”  Bill Dean*

“I was using that poisonous dye JFM for so long until I just couldn't take the burning and itching any longer. Your product has given me new hope, and I love the way it works.”  William, Michigan*

“I recently purchased your product and its amazing how it covers and only takes a couple of minutes, and touchups are easy. ‘Great Invention’.”  Anthony C*

“Someone has finally come up with a new kind of beard coloring product. It isn't a messy, toxic dye. It isn't henna, which I find doesn't give me a good color. And it isn't mascara, disguised as a beard dye. I brush on this pigment in the morning. It goes on dry and takes about a minute. It stays on throughout the day. By the way, it also is the most economical beard color product on the market. $30-40 a year.”  Peter S. Rosenbaum*

“Wow. These guys figured it out. Looks natural, no rubbing off on clothes and no big production to apply. One minute and you're looking your best.”  David Litman*

“Took years off my face! And it's crazy easy to to use! I'd previously used more ‘permanent’ products that left weird discolorations on my face. This stuff gives me the perfect look every day.”  Tate Isaacson*

“Perfect. Your product works like a charm.”  Name Withheld on Request*

“I was truly amazed at how well this product works. My husband looks like he did when I first met him! Better yet, it's so easy to use that he doesn't have to get up any earlier in the morning, and it doesn't make a mess. I highly recommend this product.”  Zoe Baxter*

“Fantastic product. Thanks for using your initials (TYLB) instead of your name when you shipped to me. I'd just as soon my local post office doesn't know everything my life.”  Name Withheld on Request*

“Finally, a beard color product that I can rely on to make gray go away and look totally natural.”  Brian Baxter*

“I've tried just about everything on the market. The Younger Looking Beard is easier, better looking and more affordable per application. No rashes either. Great going. I DO look much younger.”  Name Withheld on Request*

“Awesome. Couldn't be happier.”  Ian Jensen*

“Great product! I had been using Just For Men to dye my shorter beard and it started to burn my face after a while. I found your product online and decided to give it a try. One great application recommendation that you might want to pass on that I happened to find out by accident is to put on face lotion like Men's Nivia beforehand. It then will stick to the beard tons better. Again, great product! Will be ordering more in the future.” Mike Woicke*

“I love the product and you have a potential life time customer here.” E.S. Maryland*

“Amazing results. Small jar, but will last for a long time. A little goes a long way! No more dye for me. shipping was faster than expected. Very well pleased.” dla4507*

“I'm pretty amazed, because this actually is a breakthrough as advertised. After going through just about every dye and henna beard product on the market, we found The Younger Looking Beard. It gives my husband a natural color, but still has the sexy pepper-and-salt look. He applies it every morning, then it lasts all day. Couldn't be happier, and my husband now looks even Hotter! Well Done Younger Looking Beard!” Vince’s Mom*

“Best beard color around. I ordered this product for my boyfriend because he wanted to look younger. It's the most natural look he's ever had. This stuff is terrific. Apply once a day. It takes him 1-2 minutes and his new look is a knockout. BTW, he has a coarse beard and applies face lotion [moisturizer] before he puts on the product. I love The Younger Looking Beard.” H.A. Peacock*

“Best thing since sliced white bread! I love it!!” Kirk M. Yates*

“Good Product, it does what it claimed without the painful irritation experience of conventional hair dyes.” Hercules*

“There is nothing this good out there and believe me I've tried everything. Couldn't be happier.” Michael Feinman*

“Awesome works better then anything on the market.” Tom Owens*

“Easy to use.” Dennis D. Hoyt*

“Great product for a great price!!!! Purchased for my fiance. Excellent product, works great and it's so easy to use. Best product on the market that I have found.” Cherish*

“So much nicer to my skin. Color lasts all day!” Kenny Comeaux*

“My husband loves this! The other products he's used caused itching and a red rash, this one does not!!! Great product!!” Stephanie*

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