Presenting The Younger Looking Beard

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to use The Younger Looking Beard®?
It’s as easy as brushing your teeth. Just put darkener on your applicator brush, apply to your mustache and beard and even out with your spreader brush.
Which color should I choose?
Our colors are mostly self-explanatory, but let's take a quick look at them. (a) Jet Black is for men with ultra-black hair. (b) Black is for most people with black hair or hair that once was black. (c) Gray is a soft-charcoal shade for men who want a gray-colored beard. (d) Dark Brown is for the darkest brown look. (e) Medium Brown is for an average brown color. (f) Light Brown is the lightest brown with a slightly reddish tinge. (g) Dark Blonde is a bit lighter than Light Brown, with no red tones. (h) Auburn is a reddish light brown.
How long does the color last?
All day. It stays looking great from shower to shower.
What if I put on too much or it gets on my skin?
No problem. Just wipe with a tissue.
If I change my mind about using the product, how do I get rid of the color?
Soap, water and a washcloth will remove the color.
Might I be allergic to the product?
There are no known allergic reactions.
How long will one package of the product last?
About six to nine months on average--ranging from one month to 12 months, depending on the length and fullness of your mustache and beard.
How long will it take for the product to reach me?
Your order will be shipped by US First Class Mail within 24-48 hours and will usually take 2-4 business days to arrive within the US; 1-2 weeks for Canada and England; up to 3-4 weeks elsewhere.
Please note: Due to the COVID pandemic, please add several weeks to your expected delivery date.
What if I don’t like the product and want to return it?
Just ship the product to us within 30 days of getting it and we’ll refund the full product price ($17.95).
Will your beard darkener change the texture of my beard?
Not at all.
Is there anything to mix?
What if I go out into the rain or I swim?
TYLB® is water-resistant, so it won’t run in the rain. Swimming may take away some of the color.
Is this an alternative to conventional beard dyes?
Yes! And if you use a conventional beard dye, TYLB® is great for touching up the gray that shows when your beard is growing back.
Does the product work for any length beard?
TYLB® works best for beards that are short or medium in length--from 1/4" to 2." We don’t rule out the product’s use for longer beard, but it can be time consuming and a bit messy.
What are the ingredients?
They sound like Latin but have a superb safety record. Ingredients: Talc, Isostearyl Neopertarioate, Zinc Stearate, Kaolin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben and Imadazolidinyl Urea. May Contain: (+-) Iron Oxides Cl 77491, CL77492, Cl 77499, Titanium Dioxide Cl77891
What is the #1 tip from customers?
If you have any problem at all getting full coverage, simply wet your Applicator Brush before applying our beard darkener. About 5% of our customers find that this gives them full coverage more quickly.

* Results may vary person to person.